Monday, 1 August 2011


I am regularly asked how on earth I have the time to do BOO! when I work full time.
There are a lot of things that have suffered so that I can sew... here are a few...

I used to groom myself much more regularly, but now through no fault of sewing, I have become a rather hippy looking mountain goat.  If I try to have a bath while kids are awake, I normally have 2 kids trying to get in the bath with me along with 2 dogs who walk the perimeter of the bath and eat the bubbles while I try to shave my legs. I can't bath after the kids are down as running the bath would wake the kids as it is inconveniently positioned opposite both of their rooms (I DO still shower though).  Thank goodness for winter.  I shaved them yesterday though... yipee!

I used to wash it and straighten it on a daily basis... not anymore!  A couple of times a week, it gets the old wash and a super quick half-blow dry before being tied back in a messy pony tail.  I also don't get time to go to the hairdresser anymore, so that saves me lots of money!  I washed, dried and straightened it today though!!

They used to go to the dog park once or twice a week so that they could walk around and sniff things and avoid all other dogs or come and sit under the seat at the park while I socialised with the other doggy owners... now they have to be content with just sniffing in their own yard and chasing each other around.

I used to go to bed at around 9:30pm, my husband thought I was mad and wouldn't dream of coming to bed before his scheduled sleep time of 10:30pm no matter how tired he was.  Now he usually has to come downstairs and drag me to bed.

Well I should exercise and sometimes I work up a sweat whipping out fabrics and running between the sewing machine and overlocker... actually, who am I kidding, I just don't exercise anymore.

My house used to be clean.. it is not now... The clean clothes get sorted into the rightful owners baskets and that is about it these days... I have a giggle to myself under the covers when I hear my husband swearing after falling over baskets of clothes in the middle of the night after doing bottle duty!  I still tend to have to vaccum pretty regularly to clean up the bits of cotton and fabric that my daughter now tries to eat.

The kids are usually both down by 8pm and that gives me a good 3 hours to internet, research and sew while I catch up on my tv viewing!

Would I change anything?  Probably not!  I enjoy it so much that if I stopped, I would only think about it and toss and turn and not be able to sleep anyway.  I think I need to find a less addictive hobby!

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  1. I know the feeling :o) You do such a great job, and you certainly have sacrificed a lot! I am without a sewing machine so I do everything by hand and it takes A LOT of time... (can't afford one right now,im getting married in 2 months so that takes precedence) and many things get housework, shaving my legs (which my fiance so kindly likes to point out!)He gave me my own crafting room and i filled it up with bits and peices, then when I ran out of space in there, I moved to the loungeroom...then to the bedroom and there are stray bits of cotton and fabric offcuts EVERYWHERE... you are not alone :p