Monday, 11 July 2011


Disneyland Paris

I was having a conversation with my husband today and saying how 'Paris' is so in right now in the land of fabric and applique.  We discussed that I didn't really enjoy my visit to Paris and that my highlights were a trip to Disneyland and a dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe where we sat next to 2 very funny American ladies who had a camera that was dedicated exclusively to taking photos of boy bits around town (statue and real)... what a laugh! 

The Eiffel Tower was beautiful, but a bit brown and rusty looking, not like the pictures and I think I almost expected it to have little markets underneath with little French guys in striped shirts selling their wares at market stalls... I blame the movies for over-glamorising things!

Then I mentioned the rocks in Rome (the Coliseum)... well, his face dropped.  "What do you mean the ROCKS in Rome, you mean the Epicentre of the Roman Empire?"  I said "Yeah, what is so fancy about that, why is that so good?"  He replied and told me something about lions and Christian's... not really sure, tuned out!  I do remember him saying something about not believing we have been together for over 10 years and him not knowing that I wasn't interested in the rocks! 

These are some 'rocks' that I do really appreciate and love
- The Giant's Causeway, Ireland

Venice on the other hand, well I loved that place!  I have been twice now.  I loved it because it is still there (and the Carbonara was to die for).  I wouldn't go back to see it after it has sunk though... where is the fun in that? 

Sorry, but I am just not into history. 

Some might say I am uncultured, but others might understand.  For me, I need to see things to fully appreciate them, not look at them and picture what they used to be.

I have an imagination, really I do, I think it just works in reverse.  With fabric, I can look at it folded up in neat piles or thrown in a heap and visualise exactly what I would use it for, what it will become and how awesome it will look when it is finished!

Funny how the mind works hey?

'Brite' Tunic modelled by Paige

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  1. oh you make me laugh Boo...You are neither uncultured or a philistine...People who think they are better than others because they can spout acadamia are the uncultured people because they are stuck in an unreal world..Not like us Cyberbunnies ;P Lane xx