Saturday, 25 June 2011


My Mum always tells me that when I was little, I was the best dressed kid at pre-school.  This was all thanks to my Grandma, who used to make lots of my clothes.   As I look back at some of the pictures, I realise just how amazing she was.  They were always lovely and far too nice to be covered in paint, but Mum feared that if I didn't wear them there, I wouldn't get to wear them at all and all that effort would be wasted.

Me in outfits made by my Grandma.  The kangaroo dress is so similar to my Picture This! range and I only found this photo tonight!

My Mum is very arty and creative, she has also tried her hand at sewing.  She told me that she hates it, but I suspect there was a time that she didn't given that I do remember a few of the outfits she made including a pair of Cabbage Patch Kids shorts.  Definitely OOAK (one of a kind) and so unique and different to what anyone else had for sure (not sure if that is a good or bad thing)!

Me in outfits made by my Mum

I make clothes for my daughter, Holly now and am very proud to see her wear them to kindy.  I really don't care if they are covered in dirt and paint as at this age, you need to get as much wear out of them as possible before they grow out of them.  I have to say, I think it would be hard for her to get covered in dirt or paint, because they cover her in bibs so that she doesn't mess up her clothes and fight over who gets to carry her around and cuddle her, I don't think she has ever been on the floor!   

Holly in outfits made by me

I did a little Home Ec at school and really enjoyed the sewing bit (less so the cooking bit, although I like making sweets)!  There is one little outfit that sticks in my mind, which included making a little girls dress with an applique of a sailing boat.  I remember how proud I was of that outfit and wish I still had it.  It probably wasn't that good and I am sure that I remember it being so much better than it actually was!

I can't tell you how many times I think of my Grandma when I sew and how much I would love her to be here so that she could see some of my creations. 

Miss you Grandma xxx

My favourite 'Holly' outfit


  1. Oh Kristie that was so lovely to see each generations clothing creations..
    I hope one day my daughter stella will let me teach her to sew.
    Just wonderful to read hun.xxxx

  2. Oh Boo....what a beautiful definately in the genes...I rember doing clothing at highschool (yes thats what we called it back in the day ;P) and my first ever effort was a groovy enim green jumpsuit with a chinese collar and baggy pants that slimmed down at the calf..Good lord it sounds disgusting!!! Everything went fine until I sewed in the zip crooked...put me off instead of sewing I used to take a drink bottle with Southern comfort in it and sit in the back room trying to be tasted disgusting so it had so much water in it..but I WAS COOL!!! the way I still havn't attempted another zipper....Im so pleased you carried on the creative tradition as it has expanded my little girls wardrobe nicely :D (you know which one I am ;)

  3. What a beautiful story ... doesn't having children bring new perspective on your own childhood! Your grandma would be so proud of you Kristie!!!! And I'm sure that Holly will have some of these memory moments when she grows up and reflects!!!!