Sunday, 12 June 2011


When it came to creating a page name, I came up with KG Designs (my intials, and I thought the play on names with 'cagey' would be cute), it would also still be flexible enough that I could use it to load birthday invitations and other things that I had been dabbling with. 

However, since my son, Jesse was my initial inspiration and the reason I got started sewing, he needed to be in the name.  Before he was born, we called him BOO! after Boo from Monster's Inc. (one of my husband, Aaron's favourite movies), I think I wanted to refer to the baby as peanut, but I lost that battle... thought it would be better to let my husband win that battle, rather than the war after the baby was born!! 

Jesse was blowing raspberries all over us and always had funky 'product' in his hair, so I incorporated a cheeky looking monkey with spikey hair into the logo.  We call it party hair now and he rarely leaves the house without his 'parpy hair'.

When I found out I was pregnant with our second baby, I went and got a bunch of ruffle bum patterns and put them away (I think I even got them before I was pregnant).  This baby had absolutely no choice but to be a girl, I was SO confident that she would be.  Our little princess, Holly was born in September last year.  We secretly knew that she was a girl and that we were calling her Holly, as Aaron caved at 20 weeks and let me run back up to the doctor who did the scan to find out the sex (even though we had no intention of finding out)!  I made some pretty linen in blues and purples since she was moving into Jesse's blue room and they were safely hidden away in the cupboard.  Man, had I come a long way since Jesse's linen. 

My love for making little girl clothes was born from my first pair of ruffles.

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