Tuesday, 6 August 2013


So what is a pattern mash you ask? 

Whenever I have purchased patterns in the past, I have always tried to change them just a little bit to make them unique to me.  Fabric selection is important for individuality, but doing little tweaks to patterns can be just as important to help you stand out in the crowd.

I design my patterns the way I like to use them.  I include lots of options so that they don't all look exactly the same and design them so they can be mixed in with my previous patterns as well as with the ones still sitting in my sketch book or in my head.  I try and make them versatile enough for you to take an element that you like in one pattern and apply it to another. 

Examples of pattern mash's: 
  • Overalls top with a Twirly Skirt bottom
  • Pinny with flutter straps (a few of you are familiar with that one)
  • Rainbow Twirl with Shirred dress flutter straps
  • Romper with pinny skirt
Why stop with my patterns though??  Do you love something in another pattern you have used?  Why not mix it up with a little BOO! to give you something super awesome and different. 

To encourage you to do that, I bring you the..... 


  • Pick 2 patterns (or more) that you think would make a great mash.  ONE pattern must be BOO!
  • Make your mash the best it can be, something you haven't seen before or have always wanted to try and most importantly, have fun!
  • There will be 2 sections in the album; available to purchase and admiration gallery (not available to purchase)

The showcase will be held 10 September on my BOO! Designs facebook page.  I will start uploading photos 2 weeks before the showcase, submissions must be in by 7 September at the latest.   

Photos should be submitted in the BOO! Designs Pattern Club PATTERN MASH ALBUM and must have the following information (in this order).

2. Patterns: BOO! pattern/s used in mash (and others if you wish to list them)
3. Mashed design name: Be creative, give your design a name! 
4. Name: Business page on facebook (if applicable) or your first name
5. Size
6. Purchase Price (include postage price): e.g.  $50 + $2 regular postage

So excited to see what you create... now get mashing!

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