Thursday, 8 August 2013


You may remember I mentioned that I didn't want to tell you EXACTLY how to put a ruffle on your pinny strap because I don't want every single pinny out there to look the same.  I want you to use your imagination and play a little rather than me telling you what to do!  

I won't provide exact measurements, but I will give you a few diagrams to help you figure out HOW to go about it! 

** Illustrations show how to create 1 strap, so you will need to do everything shown twice **

1. Add 2cm to the width of the strap measurement.  
2. Cut each strap in half lengthways
3. Decide the style or shape of the ruffle you are going to add and cut it out! 

Here are some of the popular options:
  • Rectangle: Cut a strip and then fold in half lengthways, the fold will create the 'finished edge' of the ruffle.
  • Shaped: Ruffle is wider on the shoulder and narrower towards the waistband.
  • Other: Add Ric Rac, or piping or lace, you are only limited by your imagination!
How long should it be?
I think a ratio of about x1.8 - x2.0 of the strap length works (e.g. if strap length is 10, then anywhere between 18 and 20 will look good)!  Just have a play until you get a ruffle factor you are happy with and then write it down so you remember it for next time! 

How wide should it be?
Entirely up to you, figuring this out will give you your own unique look! Take a look in the pattern club and see what others have done to figure out what you like, wide, narrow or somewhere in the middle! 

4. Finish the edge of your ruffle if applicable with a rolled hem or narrow hem and then create gathering stitches on your straight/raw edge
5. Place the ruffle face down on one side of your strap and baste into place
6. Place the other side of the strap face down on top of the ruffle and stitch
7. Pull the strap pieces up away from the ruffle so the right sides are facing out and press between the ruffle and strap to create a nice crease. 
The next steps are a bit like creating a binding.

8. Fold the strap back to the previous position over the ruffle, then take one of the strap ends and fold to up to the raw edges, then press (try to move your ruffle out of the way in this step so you don't crush it)!
9. Open the strap back up and now align the raw edge with the fold line created in the previous step 
Repeat steps 8-9 for the other side of the strap.

10. Fold both sides of the strap away from the ruffle and press.
You are done and ready to continue on with inserting the bodice!
Good Luck!


  1. Thankyou so much I have been wondering what was the best way of adding a ruffle .. now to get some more boo happening

  2. Thanks Kristie, exactly what I needed. Now to go and have a play! :)

  3. Thanks Kristie, exactly what I needed. Now to go and have a play