Monday, 26 September 2011


Random org custom spot winner is Kristy Mansfield
Creative entry custom spot winner is Karen Patterson

Karen's story appealed to me because it is amazing what a difference the internet has made in this world.  Without the internet, Karen possibly wouldn't have her little girl and I certainly wouldn't have BOO! Designs.  Thanks for sharing your beautiful story Karen.

After being single for close to 20 years, I finally found my Mr Right online. Only problem was that he lived on the other side of the world in USA. So after going to meet him (on my first ever overseas trip) we decided we wanted to be together. He loved me so much that he agreed to move here, and after telling him I was too old to have children, he still wanted me to be his wife. So we got married, and  1 month into the marriage I decided that perhaps I was not too old,  and we decided to try to have a baby. I gave ourselves the year 2010 to achieve this, and surprise surprise I was pregnant after only 2 months. And our little baby Isabella Brooklyn arrived in February this year. The most cherished of gifts that I never thought I would ever have, considering I had been single for all of my adult life. So after hearing our fairystory beginning, you might ask yourself why I deserve to have a SPOOKY outfit made by BOO DESIGNS, and the answer is simple. I want a beautiful (yet SPOOKY) outfit for Isabella to wear when we go trick-or-treating for Halloween. Because she lives here, she is going to miss out on many of the big celebrations that the other half of her extended family celebrate, like thanksgiving, 4th of July, and of course Halloween. So I really am wanting her to experience these USA celebrations in her life, despite not living there. And I also want my husband to be able to share these celebrations with his daughter, as I know it is so difficult for him to be away from his family, and to be missing out on these moments.

Fingers crossed my story moves your heart...and I am lucky to get one of these amazing outfits!!!

I would also like to share a really great entry from Shelley of Pink and Blue Nappy Cakes (she did ask to be excluded however as her husband would not be happy with her if she purchased any more things!!)

Oh there be a little girl with a heart as good as gold
And though she be quite tall, she's really not that old.
Her young life so far has been one of love and laugh and fun
But she has a goulish temper despite only being one! 

So a goulish little dress would suit her to a tee
And when she puts it on I can simply explain to thee
That she is no longer throwing tantrums, and she never ever maligns,
She's just channeling the goulishness of her dress by Boo Designs!

Thanks for playing everyone!  I will do a few more random listings with any fabric that I have left over, so feel free to drop me an expression of interest if you are interested in a particular size or style and I will see what I can do.

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