Thursday, 22 September 2011


Since I have a little more Spooky in the house, I thought I would offer 
TWO paid custom spots.

This basically means, patterns and fabric permitting (depending on size), you can order what you like out of the grey Spooky fabrics. 
It will take me approx 2-3 weeks (hopefully less) to make them.

One spot will be drawn randomly
All submissions will be numbered and drawn using

One spot will be drawn creatively
Be creative and submit a paragraph on why I should select you for a custom.  It can be heartfelt or funny, whatever you decide!  I will pick the winner based on the story I like the best!  The winning entry will be published here on my blog.

(If you are not feeling creative, you are welcome to just enter the random draw!!)

To submit your interest, email with the subject line 'SPOOKY'

Submissions close Monday 26 September 7PM QLD time.

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