Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I recently started a new job.  I was in my old job for 13 years and although my head office was in the city, it was very rare that I would find myself there.  My job involves being contracted out to clients and I have spent time working in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Dublin, London and the lovely Blackpool, city of lights!  Whenever working locally, I would not usually work for clients based in the city.   

The first few weeks of my new job means working in head office in the city.  I am making sure I take advantage of my location, catching the train and going for lunch time walks around town. I have been having dates with my husband and it is lovely to have a hot meal together without kids screaming or sitting on our laps. It is such a hive of activity with people everywhere, crazy performers blowing whistles to get attention and bars with Samoan's dressed in blue spilling out screaming at tv screens (I guess there was a game on today and this is not a regular occurance).  All the shops and food places have changed since I last went wandering too, it almost feels like I am in another city.  Lincraft is still there though, standing strong and still carrying uninspiring, boring fabrics... I had to double check didn't I? 

I am a big fan of people watching and there
are certainly some people worth watching!

The thing I notice the most is the fashion though. 

For guys, it is all about checked shirts and pointy shoes.  I know it has been cold, but that is no reason to mistake Brisbane for Melbourne... when did Brisbane go and get so trendy?  Pink shirts, pin stripes and mixing and matching spots, stripes and checks seem very popular again, and skinny ties... SKINNY TIES, really??

For girls, there are ruffles as far as the eye can see... seems that no outfit is complete without a ruffle.  Dresses, pencil skirts and tops, they all have ruffles, mostly asymmetrical and black/charcoal, 2 of my favourite things! 

And for the disasters...

1st place: High waisted shorts with massive circle ruffles on the sides (it looked like someone took some cheap paper dinner plates and stuck them on her shorts)! 

2nd place: Denim short shorts with bum cheeks and cellulite sticking out, fabulously teamed with muffin tops and mid drift t-shirts... and what is it with the pocket lining hanging out the bottom of those shorts? 

3rd place: My husband pointed out a grown woman wearing a pair of ruffle pants! 

The city is a great place for inspiration!

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