Friday, 14 June 2013



Due to many requests, I have decided to host a BOO! showcase on my facebook page.  To make it interesting it will be a Pattern Mash theme.  Each of my patterns is designed taking into consideration what I have already done and what I have in my head and coming next.  I like to put elements in the patterns that you can take from one pattern and use in another. 

A pinny with overalls pockets, an overalls top with twirly skirt bottom, shirred dress flutter straps added to the rainbow twirl, shirred dress flutter straps added to pinny... you get the idea!

Being unique and creative makes you stand out from the crowd.  People email and message me to ask me if it is ok for them to change elements of my pattern and my answer is OF COURSE... that is what I WANT you to do!  I give you a bit of a canvas with lots of options to inspire you, but nothing makes me happier than when people think outside the square and add a little piece of them to the patterns.

With that in mind, the idea of this showcase is to use at least ONE BOO! Designs pattern and mix it with any other pattern you like (doesn't have to be BOO!).

If you have a business page, you determine your own pricing and keep the proceeds from the sale of your item.  If you don't have a business page, but want to play along, that is no problem, your items will be added to the end of the album on BOO! so that you can share your creation, but it will be made clear that it is not for purchase. 

A limit of ONE item per person can be submitted to the showcase, but you are more than welcome to make and sell as many items as you like on your business page or show them off in the pattern club!