Saturday, 4 May 2013


12 days ago a photo was posted in BOO! Designs Pattern Club that tugged at the heart strings of a lot of people including me.  It had the most likes and comments of probably all the photos ever posted in the club.  

This is that photo... 

I received a bunch of messages from strangers asking me how and if they could do something to help.  

I spoke to Alana, the lady who posted the photo and she asked that we do something for Pillowcases for Oncology Kids and from that a seed was planted! 

Introducing Design Your Own Pillowcase

I have created 4 different variations of pillowcase from the most simple that people who have never sewn can put together to something a little bit more challenging and fun!    It also includes some new ideas and techniques that you can incorporate into your existing BOO! patterns like patchwork and applique.

After thinking about it, I thought why help just one charity when we can collectively help more than that.  By charging $2 for the pattern, the profits can be donated to other deserving charities as well.

Among the other larger charities that Alana had mentioned to me was a small one that I thought would be the perfect recipient by the name of Hampers for Ward 3B Families. 

When $500 is reached, I will send the money to this charity and then choose another charity to donate to.

Read on if you would like to know more about 'Gracie's Story', 'Pillowcases for Oncology Kids' and 'Hampers for Ward 3B Families'.

Gracie's Story (by Mum, Alana)

On 22nd January this year, a very large cancerous tumour was discovered in Gracie's chest.  The day before we had been at surf club and Gracie was having trouble running. We thought maybe she was asthmatic, so we took her to the doctor. The next day we found ourselves in the cancer ward. They believe her cancer is treatable, but it is rare and hard to reach. We expect treatment to take the rest of the year. Perhaps the most sad part of our story is that we can't take Gracie home, as we live outside the safe distance from hospital while receiving treatment. Her Dad and sisters (age 3 and 6) can only visit on the weekends, and I alternate my time with her and at home, each for a week at a time. Her Grandma's are where I am not, taking care of my darlings and my home, and my Princess Grace. One week before Gracie got sick I opened my Rosie Petal shop on facebook. I continue to sew, but can't as much as I want to, but it is a welcome distration. I love checking up on the Boo! Pattern Club while we pass the boring hours in hospital. We get scans next week, so will soon know how well this first 12 weeks of chemotherapy has gone.  

Pillowcases for Oncology Kids

Our Vision for 'Pillowcases for Oncology Kids' is to provide every child undergoing treatment for cancer a pillowcase to brighten up their room.

We want to see every child smile :) and with all our pillowcases being made and donated with tonnes of love it is sure to put a big smile on every child's face when they reciieve a pillowcase from POK.
'keep's contagious'

Hampers for Ward 3B Families

My name is Crystal French I have a 5 year old daughter on ward 3B who has been receiving treatment for pre b acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. When we were first diagnosed back in March 2011 I was left on the ward for 3 days with no tooth brush, soap or anything. Not wanting to leave Christine's side I went without. 
I started Hampers for 3B Families Christmas 2011 and we made toy hampers for the family's on the ward for Christmas, since then I have made hampers for Easter, Birthday's, Mother's and Father's Day, as well as new patient hampers. All hampers are made out of 100% donated items, I don't receive from any corporations, or businesses it is purely out of the goodness of people's hearts. 

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  1. Such a worthwhile cause, Kristie! I started sewing pillowcases for Pillowcases for Oncology Kids last year for their Christmas drive and have just sent another bundle off a couple of weeks ago. Next bundle I make (won't be for a couple of months), I'll use your pattern so I can promote on my blog to spread the word. $2 is next to nothing by itself, but will soon amount to larger amounts to help others. Great job using your skills to help others!!!