Tuesday, 27 May 2014


* From Design Your Own Zip It dress pattern *

One fat quarter of fabric, makes approximately 8½ yds (7.5m) of bias binding so make some in your favourite colours and wrap the left over around a piece of cardboard to put away for other projects!

1. Take a rectangle of fabric fold down a corner with a 45-degree fold and press.  Cut along the fold line.
2. With right sides together, position the cut triangle on top of the straight edge of the original fabric and sew a ¼” (0.7cm) seam.  Press the seam open.
3. Draw lines 1¼” (3cm) apart following the 45-degree angle and number each of the panels both top and bottom edge.
4. Position fabric right side up with number 1 on the left and mark a line 1½” (3.7cm) from the top left edge. With right sides together line the bottom left edge up with the marked position and stitch with a ¼” (0.7cm) seam.
5. Press the seam open, then cut between the 1st and 2nd row and continue cutting around the tube until you have one long continuous strip.
6. Fold bias in half along the long edge and press. 
7. Cut a length of piping cord slightly longer than the bias strip and insert it into the fold and pin to secure.

TIP: Dab small amounts of Sewline glue periodically along the fold to help hold the piping cord in place.
8. Use a piping foot or zipper foot to stitch as close to the piping cord as possible in thread that matches the binding.

I love my piping foot, it just allows you to get a little closer to the piping cord for a fabulous tighter finish as it has little ridges that sit on top of the piping cord and hold it in place while you are sewing.

Now go and use that fabulous piping!

Zip It! Dress by Cuggie with piping

Criss Cross Pinny (Overalls and Twirly skirt mash) with piping by For Monster and Miss using BOO! Designs fabric.

Grace Dress with piping by me! 

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