Friday, 21 February 2014


Alana from Rosie Petal has kindly put together a little guide on how to adapt the Design Your Own Twirly Skirt pattern to a paper bag skirt.

Select the type of skirt you would like to make.  You can use any of the Boo! Twirly Skirt shapes.  For my demo, I have used the simple skirt.

Cutting Out
You need to add 4 inches to the length of your skirt.  For example, my size 8 simple skirt was originally 15.25L x 23.25W.  It will now be 19.25L x 23.25W. If you chose the Twirly, Stomping, Circus or Cheerleader, make sure you add the 4” of extra length to the waistband piece of fabric.

Sew the sides of your skirt as per usual, and finish the edges with the overlocker or your preferred method.
Make your way to the iron.  Turn your skirt inside out. Iron down a ¼” fold along the top of your skirt.  Iron a second time, this time folding 3” over.
It is now time to sew the casing for your waist band.  Sew along the edge of your newly folded casing.  Remember to leave a 1 ½” gap for inserting your elastic later.

Stage two of your waistband casing: Using a ruler, measure 1” away from the sewing line you have just made.  If you plan on using bigger elastic, remember to take this into consideration.  

Because the paperbag frill covers all the measuring guides on your machine, look for something you can use as a marker to keep you straight.  I used the screw hole on my plate as my guide, but you could even pencil a mark on and rub it off later if need be.  Sew a complete circle around the skirt.

 Insert your elastic in the usual manner.  Once the ends are joined, sew closed the hole in your casing.

Finish your hem in your chosen technique, or continue with the other instructions if you are making the Twirly, Circus, or Stomping skirts.

Here is mine complete:  Ta Da!  Super cute with a tucked in shirt.

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