Saturday, 3 March 2012


Lately, people have been telling me that when I post on FB, they immediately know that it is mine before they see the name.  I never really thought I had a unique style, I just make what I want when I feel like it, but seemingly I have a bit of a signature!  I thought about some of the other pages that I love and it dawned on me that most of them have a signature style too.  How well do you know your ‘handmade’?

I wanted to give away a rainbow dress when I got to 2000 liker’s and I thought, why not team it with a competition!
Here are 13 pictures from some of my favourite FB pages.  Now, you have to guess who makes the item in the picture.  Every day, I will release one more business name until all 12 (hint) names are released.

To enter the competition, you need to send me the list of business names that correspond with the numbers on the pictures.  Don’t guess on FB or give it away, because that will decrease your chance of winning!!!  Once you are happy with your list and think you have it right, send me an email to with the title 2000. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON!

All correct entries will go in a draw where the winner will get a rainbow twirl dress for FREE (Size 0-8)!
The winner will be drawn at the launch of my ‘Splash of Colour’ market night (date and time to be confirmed).

Tell your friends, because I will only give away a dress if I reach 2000 liker’s before all business names are released!

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