Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Last night my friend Fiona and had dinner together and then went to the Roxette concert who were more than adequately supported by 1927.  With the audience basically screaming the first few songs, I started to wonder whether we would actually get to hear Roxette themselves sing at all!  The atmosphere was awesome.  Lots of singing, lots of standing and dancing (which I don't normally do, but it is a little hard not to when everyone in the entire place is doing exactly that)!  A big fat boo goes out to the party poopers who grabbed onto the beach balls that were intended to be hit around and kept them as collectables.   Today I had the Roxette album in the car and the kids were dancing on the way to kindy.  Jesse didn't even mind Aaron and I singing or dancing when normally we get told very clearly "STOP that, I don't like it!".

I couldn't help but admire the europeaness of Per's outfit and started daydreaming about a new euro style dress and by the end of the concert had a lovely little image of a dress in my head which I really need to sketch before I forget it... might even get time to make it one day... if you see a 'concert dress' sometime, that is where it comes from! ha!!
I had planned to release my Splash of Colour Collection before now, which will be my 2nd official collection, but the handmade market has been a bit inundated with market nights around Valentine's Day, so I thought I would hold off for a few weeks and try to get a few rainbow dresses made to pop in the collection as well.  I have had a lot of requests for matching shirts, so the collection includes some lovely mix and match separates and so far 13 pairs of frequently requested shorts!

I have been working on a new little mission with a friend too, so keep your eyes peeled for some clues to that soon!  So exciting!

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